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Monaghan Yoga Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions in relation to Yoga. One of the greatest of these is that Yoga is often seen as a religious practice, But this could not be further from the truth

Yoga respects all races, cultures and religions. Yoga is a spiritual practice which is completely different than a religious practice. Spirituality is about being the best that we can, about making good decisions, about doing things for the right reason, it is about living our best life, not causing harm, injury or violence, it is about respect for life, for each other, and for this world that we live in.

Another misconception is that Yoga is for the young, fit and healthy but Yoga is for everyone, men and women of all ages, the healthy and the sick, the old and the young. There is nobody that cannot practice Yoga, Yoga also takes many forms. Yoga improves and gives us good mental health, good physical health and good spiritual health. We can only say that we have good health when we have all three of these together.

Also please note that you do not always have to start in a Beginners Class as the suitability of each individual for any class will also depend on the health, fitness level and age of the person. I have often has people going straight to the Intermediate and Advanced level of classes. Once there are no particular injuries, health issues and once you are willing to learn, to be corrected, to be pushed (not beyond your limitations) and challenged then you can move very quickly and get a really excellent practice.