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Monaghan True Self

Yoga comes from within, Yoga can never be a job that you go to in the morning and come home from in the evening, this is not possible as otherwise it is not part of you.

Yoga should be who you are, what you believe in and how you live your life. Teaching from your inner being is what Yoga is about and that only comes from your own personal practice and that you live your life according to the teachings of Yoga. It is what you gain from your own personal practice that you pass on to others, you have to feel and experience the depths of Yoga. Yoga is my life, it is who I am, it is what I am about. Yoga is not part of my life, it is part of me. This I have gained from over 2 decades of practice and study, Yoga completely transformed my life in every way and in the best possible way. My priorities are different, my outlook on life is different, the way I live my life is different and I owe all of this to Yoga. I have never been healthier, happier and more content with my life as I am now. As I get older my health continues to improve and my body continues to get more flexible and stronger. Actually, the older I get the better I feel.