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Better Yoga in Monaghan

Teaching Yoga enables me to help others and this is the most important thing. People come to Yoga for many different reasons, some come to maintain good health and well-being.

Others come because of health problems, body pain, back pain, stress, anxiety and much more. Whatever the reasons for one coming to Yoga my role as a teacher is to help them and to achieve the best possible results for them. The majority of people are not coming to Yoga because it is a spiritual practice although others are. Whatever the reason people start to notice changes within themselves, these changes will be different for different people as everyone is different and we all have different things going on in our lives. However, with time these changes start to become more and more and no matter how subtle they are they filter through into our everyday life. People start to notice that they are happier, more content, feeling better within themselves, they become less stressed and anxious and find that they then have the ability to deal with day to day problems, life’s ups and downs and other people start to see changes in them. Yoga is not just about what happens when you are on your Yoga mat, it is about how it helps and supports us in our life.

Teaching Yoga is not easy, it is very demanding physically and mentally and I have to be very attentive to my own practice.  However, when I see the results that my students get and notice so many changes in them as an individual and within the group it makes it all so worthwhile and so rewarding.