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Monaghan Be Who You Are

People can spend part of their life trying to please others and feeling pressured to do something, achieve something, or worst of all to be something or someone that they have no desire or interest in

... but rather it is to please others but not themselves. Unfortunately, nowadays this has become worse than ever and there is so much unnecessary pressure on so many people which in turn brings unhappiness, stress and problems that could have otherwise been avoided. We are all individual and it is not always easy to know ourselves or stand up for ourselves, want we want or what we are supposed to do or be.

Yoga is one of the greatest and most powerful tools that you will find for self-discovery and for giving you the guidance, help and support that you need, to be who you are supposed to be, to make good and right choices and not following others because you’re not strong enough to stand up for yourself. A healthy mind is the most important fundamental requirement that everybody needs, to have a strong, focused and clear mind called “Clarity” in Yoga known as The Sattvic state of the mind”.