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What is Ayurveda?

 Experience in Monaghan the Wonderful World of Ayurveda Massage & Treatments from this 5000 year old system of Health, Healing and Wellbeing.

The Massage and Treatments of Ayurveda here in Monaghan are truly unique and cannot be compared to any other system of health, healing and wellbeing.

They treat and cure many ailments and health problems that modern day conventional medicine has no treatment for. As well as getting excellent results they are very relaxing and they give you time to totally immerse yourself in wonderful healing warm oils so that you can take care of your mind and body while rejuvenating your whole health.

I am an expert in all of these massage and treatments of Ayurveda with both Indian & International Qualifications in the practice of Ayurveda as well as Yoga. Every client gets my full and undivided attention; In our studio in Monaghan you enter into a wonderful space where you can completely relax and let me achieve great results for you so that you can leave with a lovely feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.