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Monaghan Full Body Oil Massage

This is also Sarva Anga Abhyanga – Full Body Oil Massage except that it is carried out in a very unique and special way. 7 Positions 1½ Hour €75

Sarva Anga Abhyanga is the full body oil massage of Ayurveda, directly translated as all limb massage; it is completely different to any other kind of massage and very relaxing. This oil massage of Ayurveda is so unique and so special that it is something you really have to experience to understand how amazing it is.

Throughout this treatment the body is worked on in 7 different positions and because of this it gets very deep into all of the muscles and joints in the body and is excellent at bringing a lot of mobility and flexibility to your entire body. Your body is bathed in warm medicated herbal oil from head to toe. Very specialised and unique strokes are used throughout the treatment and you really feel a great shift in energy, in movement and everything in the body is made to flow freely, releasing all kinds of stiffness and blockages.

This is an excellent treatment to maximise general health and wellbeing and a treatment that will be of great benefit for every kind of sporting activities relieving all kinds of stiffness while bringing lightness and great freedom of movement to the body.

This Full Body Oil Massage is a Must for Everybody!