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Abdominal Massage Monaghan

Nabhi Abhyanga is the Abdominal Massage of Ayurveda €40

In Ayurveda the Abdomen & “Agni” (the digestive fire) is always given a lot of importance. A healthy metabolism, a healthy “Agni” is vital to the health of the whole body and clearing “Ama” from the body. Ayurveda regards Ama as anything in the body that should not be there. Cholesterol is Ama, excess weight is Ama, toxins and impurities are Ama, and also in Ayurveda Cancer is regarded as an extreme form of Ama.

A healthy “Agni” will help to digest and get rid of Ama from the body and then the food that we eat will also be properly digested. Nabhi Abhyanga is excellent for maintaining a good healthy metabolism and all of the abdominal organs are kept in a healthy condition so therefore can work more efficiently. This massage very successfully treats sluggish metabolism, constipation, bloating, celiac, menstrual problems, IBS and is excellent for post pregnancy and weight loss. It is a very relaxing treatment and you will certainly feel the effects of it afterwards. Highly recommended!