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Monaghan Eye Massage Treatment

Netra Basti is a treatment for the eyes. €30

It is excellent for dry eyes, burning, itching, and migraines and also helps to improve eye sight.

In addition to the above it is nourishing, calming and cooling, it helps with excess heat and sweating, scalp conditions, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Vision is essential in our day to day life so it is good to look after our eyes and keep them in good condition. In Ayurveda, this therapy for the eyes is called Netra Basti. Netra means “Eyes” and Basti is the Sanskrit word meaning “to bathe” or “cleanse.” This simple, yet deep acting treatment is used therapeutically to treat many conditions. It also cleans the eyes and relieves the tensions trapped in and around the eyes and their sockets. This relaxes not only the eye area, but the whole face; fine lines and puffiness in and around the eye along with inflammation and dryness of the eye and the surrounding skin.