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Deva Yoga Teacher Training

Our 1st ever Teacher Training Course will start in October 2019.

This will be a very in depth course on "The Ancient Original Teachings & Practice of Yoga". It will cover the Philosophy and Origion of this centuries old practice dating back over 5000 years as well as studying from the ancient text books covering many different areas. Deva Yoga is committed to preserving and passing on the true teachings of Yoga without conforming to the modern day world where everything tends to get adapted, modernized and westernized thus losing the authenticity and the true teachings.

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6 Weeks Personalized Yoga Course.

One to One Yoga

Is highly effective as a therapy to help restore balance following injury, accidents, illness or life changing events which can be traumatic.

 If you are concerned about a current or past injury/mental or physical condition (that does not allow you to join a regular class) one to one classes may be worth considering.