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What a Yoga Student will learn will depend on the teacher’s ability, experience, knowledge, training and qualifications. A Yoga Teacher should always have recognized qualifications but more importantly is their own level and stage of their personal practice. Knowledge, skillful methods and how to teach properly only come from experience.

My Yoga Tradition is based on many years of living, studying, training and practicing in India following the true and authentic teachings of Yoga. In addition to my studies in India I have also studied and trained in the Sivananda Tradition as Swami Sivananda was one of the most important Guru’s in India that sent his senior disciple Swami Vishnu -Devananda from India to bring Yoga to the Western World. . . .

In my teenage years, I was greatly inspired by India, there was always something about it that completely fascinated me in a good way and somehow, I knew that I would go there some day to study.

Yoga Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions in relation to Yoga. One of the greatest of these is that Yoga is often seen as a religious practice, But this could not be further from the truth

True Self Monaghan

Yoga comes from within, Yoga can never be a job that you go to in the morning and come home from in the evening, this is not possible as otherwise it is not part of you.

Monaghan Yoga As a Plasce in your Life

Teaching Yoga enables me to help others and this is the most important thing. People come to Yoga for many different reasons, some come to maintain good health and well-being.

Be Who You Are Monaghan

People can spend part of their life trying to please others and feeling pressured to do something, achieve something, or worst of all to be something or someone that they have no desire or interest in

 Classes are for all levels at my Centre from the very beginner to the very advanced, for those with health problems and injuries, for those with disabilities, for pregnancy, and for the “Older Person”.