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Abhyanga - Sports Massage – 90 min

Abhyanga - Sports Massage – 90 min

Very specialised and unique strokes are used throughout the treatment


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Monaghan Sports Massage

7 Positions 1½ Hour €75

This Massage is Excellent for all kinds of Sports, Dance, Yoga, Athletes and for Competitive Sporting Activities. This unique and very different full body massage is excellent for all kinds of sports, for Yoga and for anyone who wants to get a lot of flexibility into all of the muscles and spine and brings great mobility to the joints. 

It is so unique and so special that it is something you really have to experience to understand how amazing it is. Throughout this treatment the body is worked on in 7 different positions and because of this it gets very deep into all of the muscles and joints in the body and is excellent at bringing a lot of mobility and flexibility to your entire body. Your body is bathed in warm medicated herbal oil from head to toe. Very specialised and unique strokes are used throughout the treatment and you really feel a great shift in energy, in movement and everything in the body is made to flow freely, releasing all kinds of stiffness and blockages. It is particularly suitable for all kinds of Sports people, those practicing Yoga, for those learning or teaching dance, or Runners, Athletes, those running competitively, doing marathons, Golfers and Cyclists or any other kind of activity where you need maximum flexibility, strength and mobility of joints and lightness of body.

This Full Body Oil Massage is really unbelievable and there is just no comparison between this treatment and any other kind of sports massage or physiotherapy treatment. There really are no words to describe this full body massage as it is only by experiencing the amazing benefits that it has to offer that you can truly appreciate and understand this treatment.

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