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Full Body Oil Massage

Full Body Oil Massage

Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil

Treatments For Men

Treatments For Men

GAA and Sports Massage Therapy

Bolus Herbal Massage

Bolus Herbal Massage

Deep cleansing thermal therapy with medicinal herbs wrapped in muslin balls

What Is a Shirodhara Massage?

What Is a Shirodhara Massage?

Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead

Massage The Tension

Massage The Tension

The physical release of tension and stress helps the mind

Foot Massage

Foot Massage

A treatment for the feet, lower legs & knees

Hand Massage

Hand Massage

Hasta Abhyanga for the hands but also for the lower arms and elbows

Shiro Abhyanga Head massage

Shiro Abhyanga Head massage

Focuses on the shoulders, neck, face and head

Facial & Face Lift Massage

Facial & Face Lift Massage

The Mukha Abhyanga really improves the condition of the​ skin and muscle tone

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

treating sluggish metabolism, constipation, bloating, celiac, menstrual problems

Ayurveda, Indian Body Treatments Monaghan

The Ancient Science of Health Healing and Well-being dating back over 5000 years

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic system of health, healing and well-being in the world. Its objective is not only to restore health in those who are unhealthy but also to maintain optimal health in a healthy person. Ayurveda improves not only a person’s health but also their well-being, behaviour and state of mind.

Indian Massage MonaghanMassage MonaghanTraditional Ayurveda Massage & Treatments are available Monday -  Saturday

Appointments are necessary – All are available to both Men & Women

Welcome to Deva Yoga's Ayurveda Health Spa & Beauty Centre. It is also home to the Authentic & Traditional Practice of Hatha Yoga where we preserve, honour and respect the true teachings of Yoga in its original form and tradition that dates back over 5000 years.  Ayurveda is the Ancient Holistic Medical System of India based on achieving physical and mental harmony


Massage treatmants MonaghanBeauty and Healing Massage Treatments are available

Ayurvedic Beauty and Massage treatments are available at the time below. While "walk in" treatments may be available, you are strongly advised to make an appointment as the specialaties of our Ayurvedic traeatment often require preparation. Some treatments may not be available to walk in customers. We prefer to be fully prepared for your treatment so that you can enjoy the most healing we can offer. 

Traditional Ayurveda Massage & Treatments for Health, Healing, Beauty and Wellbeing are available.

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Sports Massage  Monaghan

7 Positions 1½ Hour €75

This Massage is Excellent for all kinds of Sports, Dance, Yoga, Athletes and for Competitive Sporting Activities. This unique and very different full body massage is excellent for all kinds of sports, for Yoga and for anyone who wants to get a lot of flexibility into all of the muscles and spine and brings great mobility to the joints. 

What is Ayurveda?

 Experience in Monaghan the Wonderful World of Ayurveda Massage & Treatments from this 5000 year old system of Health, Healing and Wellbeing.

The Massage and Treatments of Ayurveda here in Monaghan are truly unique and cannot be compared to any other system of health, healing and wellbeing.

Monaghan Abdominal Massage

Nabhi Abhyanga is the Abdominal Massage of Ayurveda €40

In Ayurveda the Abdomen & “Agni” (the digestive fire) is always given a lot of importance. A healthy metabolism, a healthy “Agni” is vital to the health of the whole body and clearing “Ama” from the body. Ayurveda regards Ama as anything in the body that should not be there. Cholesterol is Ama, excess weight is Ama, toxins and impurities are Ama, and also in Ayurveda Cancer is regarded as an extreme form of Ama.

Pristha Abhyanga – The Back Massage of Ayurveda - €40

Like all massage and treatments of Ayurveda the back massage is a unique type of massage for the back and neck. It is excellent at relieving pain, tension, tightness and knots. Therefore it brings a lot of relaxation to all the muscles of the back, the neck, the shoulders and arms and of course to the spine.

Bolus herbal Massage Monaghan

€80 - Pinda Sveda is a massage that is given with herbal boluses that are soaked in warm medicated herbal oil.

In our Monaghan Massage studio, Pinda Sveda is a remarkable treatment and gets excellent results for sciatica, weakness in muscles, body pain, arthritis, muscular and skeletal problems, stiffness and paralysis.

Eye Massage Treatment  Monaghan

Netra Basti is a treatment for the eyes. €30

It is excellent for dry eyes, burning, itching, and migraines and also helps to improve eye sight.

In addition to the above it is nourishing, calming and cooling, it helps with excess heat and sweating, scalp conditions, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Facial Massage Monaghan

Mukha Abhyanga is an excellent and extremely relaxing facial and face lift massage given with Ayurveda Pura products.

It greatly improves the condition of the skin and muscle tone, and nourishes the skin on a very deep level.


Feet, Lower Legs & Knees Massage Monaghan

Pada Abhyanga is foot massage €45

but it is not just for the feet as it is a treatment for the feet, lower legs and knees.  It is extremely relaxing and excellent for stress, high blood pressure, acid reflux, colitis, ulcers, insomnia, excess heat and relaxation.


Shirodhara – The Signature Treatment of Ayurveda.  - €60 

This is a truly remarkable experience, it brings very deep relaxation and it even feels like a deep meditation where all thoughts leave the mind and the person has a wonderful feeling and experience of the continuous flow of oil on the forehead.


Full Body Oil Massage Monaghan

 Sarva Anga Abhyanga is the full body oil massage of Ayurveda, – 1 Hour €60

Directly translated as all limb massage; it is completely different to any other kind of massage and very relaxing. Sarva Anga Abhyanga is the full body oil massage of Ayurveda, directly translated as all limb massage; it is completely different to any other kind of massage and very relaxing.

Full Body Oil Massage Monaghan

This is also Sarva Anga Abhyanga – Full Body Oil Massage except that it is carried out in a very unique and special way. 7 Positions 1½ Hour €75

Sarva Anga Abhyanga is the full body oil massage of Ayurveda, directly translated as all limb massage; it is completely different to any other kind of massage and very relaxing. This oil massage of Ayurveda is so unique and so special that it is something you really have to experience to understand how amazing it is.

Hand Massage Monaghan

Hasta Abhyanga – The Hand Massage of Ayurveda including also the lower arms and elbows. - €30

Hasta Abhyanga is an excellent oil massage for the hands, lower arms and elbows. Many people have pain, stiffness and arthritis in the hands and this treatment will really bring great relief for all conditions of pain and arthritis.


Head Massage Monaghan

Head Massage has many great benefits. €40

It is a great treatment for those who find it hard to relax, to sleep, for headaches, anxiety, nervousness and it is also very grounding.